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Image Manager

This page is used to add, upload, change, or delete images within EasyEstimates.

ImageThis option identifies the Image to be changed or deleted. To change an image's characteristics, click "Show Selected Image" to display the characteristics.
Image NameThis name is only used internally by EasyEstimates. The name must be unique.
Image CharacteristicsThis includes the height and width of the image. It can be left blank for new images, in which case EasyEstimates will determine the height and width from the image file being added.
Image TextThis text can be displayed with the image. If images are changed dynamically on your EasyEstimates Activity, this text will be changed dynamically at the same time.
Upload New ImageUse this to add new images to the EasyEstimates directory. You must have write access to the EasyEstimates directory for this to work successfully.
Add New ImageUse this to add an image to EasyEstimates that has already been added to the EasyEstimates directory by FTP or other means.

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