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Discount or Coupon Line Change

This page is used to edit detail lines that contain discounts. Discounts can be exact amounts or percentages.

Coupons are discounts where the customer must enter a code to get a discount.

Line NameAn internal field that can assist in managing EasyEstimates.
Line TypeLine Type defines the type of calculations performed and some of the display characteristic, such as whether an input value is used, a selection is made, etc.
Line TextThe text that appears on the line and describes the cost item
Total InThis indicates what category to total this line in. In some areas services are not not taxed, some it is beneficial to distinguish them from products, which are taxed. Cost components are useful for not including intermediate calculations within the the overall totals. Cost components are not included in any of the total summaries.

Currency Country optionally allows a code to be entered to indicate what the currency for the total.

Currency Symbol allows a symbol, such as $ to be displayed in the total area.
Display on web page, Email, and PreviewThis controls whether the detail line is displayed on the web page, preview, or email containing the estimate or order. "Always" will always display the line in the email and preview. "Never" will never display the line in the email and preview. "When Needed" will display the line in the email and preview if either the total cost is greater than zero or a selection is made that is not the default option or quantity. For an input text line, the line will display if text is entered. "Only in Preview and Email" will not display the line on the web page. "Only in Email" will not display the line on the web page on in the preview. Note: EasyEstimates allows the "Preview" information to be displayed in the email and the "Email" information to be displayed in the Preview. This controls the table of information regardless of where it is displayed.
ImageAn image to be used on this line within the text area. To manage images, see the Image Manager link at the bottom of the page. Text can be used with the image. The text can be either the text associated with the image in the Image Manager or the text from this line. Text can be dynamically changed only if the the text is defined in the Image Manager.
Image/Text TemplateThis template controls how the image and/or text elements on this line are displayed. See eeimagetext.tpl for a sample. All the elements in the sample must be included but they can be arranged differently or additional html added to control how images and text are displayed.
Discount OnIf a dependency is entered here then the discount only applies to the line identified. A discount amount cannot be greater than the line the discount is dependent on.
Error Indicator placementThis allows you to put the error indicator, the red *, on the current line, a preceding line, or to have it not appear.
DiscountEach "Option" here is a separate possible selection by the customer.
If this is a discount amount, discount is the amount the customer is to be discounted. If this is a discount percentage, the percentage is expressed in whole numbers where 5 is a 5% discount.
Sequence is used to display what order the Options are displayed in. It isn't necessary for the sequence numbers to be in consecutive order but no two options should have the same sequence number.
Description is the text description for the Option.
Del is ised to delete the option.
New options are added on the "New:" line.

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