Video Gallery Pro - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many videos can be defined in Video Gallery Pro?

There is no limit.

How many playlists can be defined in Video Gallery Pro?

There is no limit.

How many video galleries can be defined in Video Gallery Pro?

There is no limit.

Do I need to install a new database for each video gallery?


Do the videos need to be located on the same web server as Video Gallery Pro?


Is performance any worse if videos are not located on the same web server as Video Gallery Pro?

Playing videos will have the same performace. Downloading of videos may be slightly slower.

Do I need to have the videos in multiple formats and audiences?

No, supporting multiple formats and audiences might make it easier for web site visitors to view your videos but you decide.

Is Windows Media, Real Media, MPEG-4, MPEG-1, QuickTime, or Flash the best format for video?

Opinions vary. Video Gallery Pro accomodates all of these formats within the limits of each format. Playlists are not supported for MPEG-1.

Does Video Galley Pro assist in the creation of videos?


Does Video Galley Pro assist in the creation of snapshots of videos for posting on Video Gallery Pro?

Video Gallery Pro can make a thumbnail from a larger photo in gif or jpg format but does not extract photo images from a video.

Why would I want to install more than one database?

You may want separate databases because specific people are only allowed to update specific video galleries. Permissions are granted to all video galleries within a database.

You may also want a separate database for development and testing activities.

For the Flash player, can I use my own skin?

You can use your own skin. It needs to meet Adobe's reguirements for a skin for the Flash FLVplayback component.

Does Video Gallery Pro support languages other than English?

The administrative interface is only in English but all the text shown to a web site visitor can be changed. These changes include use of languages besides English.

How are "download", "progressive download", and "streaming video" different?

With video, "download" requires that the entire video be downloaded before the video can be viewed. "Progressive download" allows the to start playing before the entire video is downloaded. Progressive download can be implemented on any web server. "Streaming video" also allows viewing of video before the entire file is downloaded but uses special software that to optomize the viewing experience. Streaming video is typically used by large volume web sites and progressive download for smaller volume video web sites.

Does Video gallery Pro support "download", "progressive download", and "streaming video"?

Yes, video playback uses progressive download or streaming video when the web site visitor requests a video to be played, whenever possible. Windows Media Player only supports progressive download if the web site visitor is using Internet Explorer.

How does Video Gallery Pro know which media players are installed on a web site visitor's PC or Mac?

Microsoft, Apple, Real Networks, and Adobe provide some tools to discover which version of the media players are installed. These tools mostly examine which media player has been defined to the web site visitor's browser. The tools tend to not be 100% accurate. The Windows Media Player tool tends to be less accurate when the web site visitor is not using Internet Explorer. Older versions of the media players frequently do not accurately report what version is installed.

The license agreement specifies only one domain, can I install it on other domains for testing or backup?

Yes, a license is needed for each domain that is accessible to your customers. Additional copies of Video Gallery Pro can be installed for development, testing, and backup purposes as long as they are not accessible by customers.

I want to host Video Gallery Pro for several of my clients. Do I need a separate license for each client?

A separate license is needed for each domain, like, where Video Gallery Pro is available. If Video Gallery Pro appears as part of a domain, regardless of whether it is physically located on that domain's servers, a license is required.

If sub-domains or parked domains are used, a separate license is not required for each sub-domain. Add-on domains do require a separate Video Gallery Pro license.


Sub-domain - defined as having a URL that has the same domain name and type as the primary domain but a different first part. For example, could be a sub-domain of

Parked domain - a domain name that points to another domain but has no web pages associated with it. For example, can be "parked" on so that if a Web user enters they see the Web site. There is no separate Web site for

Add-on domain - the domain's files are attached another Web site but the add-on domain appears as a separate Web site to Internet Users. For example,'s Web pages could be stored in a sub-directory of but appears as an independent Web site to Internet Users.

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