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With Video Gallery Pro you can show video in Windows Media, Read Media, QuickTime MPEG-4, MPEG-1, and/or Flash formats. You can make the same video available in multiple formats and audiences (high bandwidth and low bandwidth, for example). You can play the video in a standalone player, embedded in a web page, or available for download. You can setup playlists (only available for Windows Media and Real Media) to automatically play a series of videos. Your customers can quickly and easily choose between the choices available to view your video.

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Format Manager - To manage the display order the video formats are displayed in, the text describing the video formats, and whether video for a specific format is played embedded in a web page or in a standalone player

Audience Manager - To manage the descriptions for audience/bandwidth choices available and the order they are displayed in

Video Manager - To manage what videos are available and the specifics of the video files.

Playlist Manager - To setup and change playlists that allow for automatically playing a series of videos.

Gallery Manager - To manage how the videos are organized for viewing.

File Permission Manager - To manage permissions on your web server to enable making changes and also prevent unwanted changes.

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