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Video Gallery Pro is designed to assist in providing video on a web site.

Video Gallery Pro is easy to customize to match the look-and-feel of your Web site.  With videos already created it is easy to provide an attractive way to view videos on a web site.

System Requirements

Video Gallery Pro is a Web-based product.  Your Web site must support php 4.1 or later and MySQL 3.23 or later.  JavaScript is also used within Video Gallery Pro and browsers must have JavaScript enabled. phpMyAdmin or similar MySQL administrative tool may also be needed for installation.


See Installation Instructions


Video Gallery Pro can support an unlimited number of videos. These videos be encoded with Windows Media, Real Media/Player, QuickTime, MPEG-4, or MPEG-1. The videos can be located on the same web site as the Video Gallery Pro installation or on another web site.

To enable Video Gallery Pro to display or download videos:

  • Create a description of the video, include a photo or graphic if you want to.
  • Add one or more video files to the description of the video.
  • Optionally, creating playlists to view more than one video without web site visitor intervention
  • Create a video gallery
  • Add videos or playlists to the gallery
  • Add a Video Gallery Pro web page to your web site


Video Gallery Pro - Implementation Overview

Customizing how Video Gallery Pro works

Customizing the layout of Video Gallery Pro web pages

Customizing the colors and formatting of Video Gallery Pro web pages

Customizing the images used by Video Gallery Pro web pages

Video Gallery Pro for languages other than English

Linking directly to a video

Directly playing a video or playlist

Directly downloading a video or other file

Database backup and restore

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